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    Home Gas (U) Ltd

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    Home Gas (U) Limited supplies outdoor, centralised, piped and metered(Prepaid)  cooking gas (LPG) for homes.

    Users of LPG cooking gas in Kampala have for so long endured the inconveniences of looking for LPG gas refills -moving with empty cylinders from station to station for days.

    LPG usage mechanisms in Kampala are inherently risky as majority users have bottled cylinders with compressed high pressure gas inside their homes. These cylinders, largely used by untrained users are a potential hazard especially in gated communial properties like flats, apartments and rental units. It is common to find a 16-unit apartment with more than 20 cylinders on the property as some users store an extra reserve cylinder as remedy against out of supply periods.

    HomeGas (U) Limited in partnership with credible upstream LPG suppliers and engineers has set out to provide its clients with centralised and shared; piped and metered (pre-paid) cooking gas (LPG). This service, initially available to clients living in organized estates, apartments, flats and semi-detached rental units is already revolutionalizing the way LPG cooking gas is distributed in Kampala.

    The shared piped LPG service is convenient for clients and safer for the property.

    HomeGas LPG is an ideal solution for real estate developers looking for the highest safety and living standards for their property.

    Contact us today for a detailed technical and financial proposal for a safe gas infrastructure for your property.

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