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    MetropolitanRepublic Group

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    The agency comes up with ideas, rather than ads, to provide solutions for its clients and ultimately enhance their bottom lines. For MetropolitanRepublic, the problem is always at the centre, and it looks at how it can create an idea to solve that problem.

    We are a problem solving agency.

    Problem solving is tackled using an attack or defend strategy. One way to approach the problem is to take a ‘fading star’ brand and attack the other brands within its space. On the other hand, it can be equally effective to defend a brand’s ground against its competitors – this works particularly well when competitors are eating into its profit share. We look at what the business challenge is and come up with business problem solving ideas.

    Undoubtedly the highlight of 2011 was winning the MTN Uganda account in March. Shortly after that, we were awarded the MTN South East Africa region due to our innovative business model which demonstrates our ability to address our clients’ challenges and unlocking multi-market, multi-cultural growth opportunities on the African continent: MetropolitanRepublic took a fresh approach to its African operation which differs considerably from our competitors, that is, we opened our own office space and employed people who were of our standard, as opposed to placing our logo on an already existing agency and following up with the odd phone call. This opposition to the much preferred ‘suitcase advertising’ has been fruitful with high standards of cultural insights and creative work being adhered to and the ethos of the agency (the cornerstone of our creative prowess) remains intact in any given client country we operate in. We currently have operations in five countries on the continent (incl. SA), and glean insights and work well with WPP partners in all others.

    MetropolitanRepublic is about insightful creativity. We think of our employees as citizens of MetropolitanRepublic. Just as the citizens in our South African office understand the challenges and problems facing our country, so the citizens in our Ugandan operation are a part of the fabric of the Ugandan culture, they understand the needs and issues that need to be addressed and use the relevant ethos and outlook in doing so.

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