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    Rapid Advisory Services Ltd

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    • Rwenzori Courts, Ground Floor P.O Box 22306, Kampala, Uganda
    • Office: +256 – 393 – 202 348 Mobile and WhatsApp +256 – 772 – 255117 +256 – 701 – 255701 +256 – 782 – 820404 +256 – 702 – 255167
    • www.rapidadvisory.com

    Rapid Advisory Services Ltd is registered in the Republic of Uganda.

    We provide high quality financial services that include business loans, alternative investments and advisory services.


    Fast – transactions processed and approved within a few hours.

    Flexible – clients can pay according to their preferred payment plan.

    Convenient – We go to the customer, the customer does not need to come to us.

    Confidential – transactions are private matters and are handled confidentially.

    Courteous – clients are handled with utmost courtesy and humility

    Simple – paper work easy to understand with no hidden charges.

    Reliable – clients will be served whenever they need us.


    Bridge Finance – Be the leader in delivering bridge finance loans that are fast, convenient, confidential, reliable, courteous, flexible and simple to the SME or otherwise called the missing middle.

    Business Coaching and Advisory – Be the leader in providing business coaching services to SME segment.

    Rapid VISA Card – Be the leader in providing the most customer centric VISA card for SMEs

    Rapid Educational Tourism – Be the leader in providing the most rewarding business edu-tours for entrepreneurs at different stages.

    Alternative Investment Services –  Be the pioneer in democratizing investment for the small investors in alternative real estate

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