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    Urban Legend Kampala

    Urban Legend Kampala

    Added by Emmanuel Odongo

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    Urban Legend Kampala is a humor, parody, satire, and fine-literature website, wherein Ugandan ninjas congregate to do ninja things, the moonwalk and to present to you sundry funny articles for your enjoyment, amusement, retweeting and Facebook-liking pleasure.

    The ninjas are:

    Ivan:  Ivan is four-foot five, fat beyond belief and is coming out on the losing end of a lifelong battle with head lice. He writes funny things for this site. Ivan is one in a million. Because his head lice are not on his head. They are inside his ears.  True story. Read him here.

    Sleek (also Sleek n wild): Made his name as a TV chicken mogul, controlling all the TV Chicken business in the lower-east quadrant of the city, until he was edged out of business by a combination of competition from the rising rolex industry and cholera. He writes funny things for this site. Read him here.

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