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BrazAfric Enterprises (U) ltd

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Tags: BrazAfric Enterprises (U) ltd, building supplies, materials, resources


In the year 2012 BrazAfric Enterprises Ltd  (BrazAfric)  is making entry into its 16th year since its incorporation. Year after year the company has faced ever evolving operational,  market and economic challenges that I am glad to state that we have gone through by turning many of these challenges into opportunities, while others have served as valuable lessons that have strengthened us and enriched diligence in our decision.


BrazAfric has continued to invest in improving its operational capacities while at the same time create increased potential to exploit the  existing  market opportunities. In this front,  we have received the support of important institutions that have upon due diligence believed in our potential,  capacity and gained strong confidence that the company has immense opportunities to perform even better. Due to the above mentioned challenges,  BrazAfric has with the support of these institutions invested significant monetary and man-hour resources to improve key focus areas. Currently, focused attention and investments is being directed towards accounts, finance and marketing systems, structures and strategies. These areas have due to our growth trajectory become challenging in themselves.


Today, we have six fully established offices in the Eastern Africa  region,  Kenya (HQ),  Uganda,  Rwanda,  Tanzania, Ethiopia and most recently Mozambique. The establishment of strong partnership of our suppliers, clients, staff & the relevant development organizations, has made the presence of the network to be strongly felt across the region.  As a company, we have continued to play our pivotal role of offering our target market with expertise, high quality products and services and thereby done our contribution to supporting the development and stability of agriculture and construction sectors in these countries. Through sub agents, we are also very active in Burundi,  South Sudan,  and Eastern Congo. Besides, we are offering back-up service to our clients in Somalia;  all promising and will in future  act as bases for further development and business.


Our suppliers continue to be the back bone of the Group. We have come a long way and we are sure of their commitment and partnership that we have developed together over the years. BrazAfric has obtained business representation appointments from these suppliers on exclusivity agreements for the region while in return reciprocating the same by exclusively marketing of their products. The confidence of these business relationships has seen BrazAfric transform unknown products into best sellers and market leading brands in the region.


In a nutshell,  we are entering into new business growth phases that need to be carefully considered and faced. Other partners are joining us with the same confidence we have in our business and the region that we operate in;  both of which present enormous growth opportunities. Eastern Africa is our home and here we are building a successful business network for the future generations of our shareholders, staff,  suppliers,  business partners and our clients in general.

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