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Your clinic is dedicated to a single objective – to provide the best possible care for your patients. Yet the patient experience is very much defined by flow, transportation, environmental services, and other support areas that have a significant effect on patient flow including a patient leaving without being seen and general clinic management. A patient’s length of stay depends on effective patient’s tracking software and orchestration of their resource plan of care. Length of stay, in turn, has a direct bearing on capacity management and, ultimately, clinic costs and revenues. When one goes to a healthcare centre, usually a paper file is opened, data about a patient entered, and filed in cabin.

The process is repeated next time you go back for treatment. Despite the fact that this can go on for several years, it’s extremely difficult to make good use of data stored that way by clinician or researchers. A simple query such as number of female children seen in the last several years could take several days to get, moreover its accuracy may not be guaranteed. Consider a situation where by you visit one healthcare centre and next time go to another one if data is not stored electronically, there is no easy way of interlinking these centers to share patient’s history.

Through the use of hard copies of patient’s medical data, the same patient is given multiple identifiers at difference service access points, which makes it difficult to integrate these pieces of medical data for doctors say at different medical centre’s to share a particular patient’s medical history.

Managing healthcare centres manually makes it too complex to monitor the flow of drugs that leads to over and under stocking.

ClinicMaster can keep track of medicine stock, it would limit cases of shortage of a particular drug, by alerting appropriately when to stock.

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