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Elris Communications Services (U) ltd

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Vital elements in the infrastructure of the global community include a well functioning communications network and a stable power supply system. Development of such infrastructure worldwide represents an important market for many years to come.

Elris participates in the implementation of international transmission infrastructure and is well placed to serve the Telecommunication and Broadcasting service providers with knowledge, skill and products that are unmatched, hence contributing to the facilitation of development for the people in the global community at large. We focus our efforts towards wireless/wire-line operators and vendors. Our increased attention is given to the broad spectra of services required to maintain such infrastructure and offer clients access to shared transmission and appropriate power distribution facilities.

Elris, a Kenyan owned limited company, is the answer to the need for fast-track, high quality, cost-effective and reliable service suppliers in the region.

Elris Communications Services Ltd. is a mission oriented company in the Communication industry, providing reliable and high quality service and support in the Telecommunication and Broadcasting sectors.

Elris was set up on the premise that the management of the above mentioned sectors is not inherently a ‘do-it-yourself’ prospect, but one requiring legal advice, accounting and other bodies of knowledge.

Elris is such a service provider of significance. It dedicates its resources fully to serve its clients as a TRUSTED ALLY, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and economics of outsourcing (subcontracting). This in turn ensures that our clients have what they need to run their businesses with
maximum efficiency and reliability. Elris is here to bring integrity and honesty into the telecommunication industry.

Elris has put in place all insurance policies to take care of its employees and also a third party indemnity.

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